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Build & extend your korean sentences


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Build & Extend Your Korean Sentences provides diverse missions from “Add(Adding words into a sentence)”, “Modify(Modifying a noun)”, “Combine(Combining sentences with linking verb-endings)” to “Change(Changing sentence structures)” and challenges learners to make progressively longer Korean sentences based on simple, basic sentences. These practices help learners to have a good understanding of Korean sentence structures and help them to get the hang of making longer sentences.
In “Conversation Practice” followed by “Sentence Extension Practice”, learners can repeatedly practice speaking the sentences they have built in the previous chapter. As the sentences are about everyday activities such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, waking up late and catching a cold, learners can easily use the learned sentences in real-life situations.
The basic grammar points that are essential for sentence building practice are introduced in the “Korean Language Basics” section in the beginning portion of this book. In “Glossary”, all the words used in the example sentences are listed along with their meanings.